Hardcore Rubble Disposal

Hardcore Rubble Disposal

At Lunnon Waste we segregate inert wastes (Soil, Hardcore, Rubble) for re-use and process this material in house.

Mixed waste is processed to remove the various recyclables leaving an inert waste requiring further processing.

The mixed soils and rubble are screened using a trommel (cylindrical) screen to separate the two fractions.

Once separated the soil is exported for re-use, either to be processed further in to a topsoil product or as sub soil for land reinstatement.

The rubble fraction is exported for re-use as roadways, hardstanding or to be crushed in to a usable product.

Lunnon Waste can accept Hardcore and Rubble through our Skip Hire service in Essex or direct tipping at our licensed waste transfer station in Ongar.

Clean non contaminated Hardcore and Rubble can be priced preferentially with very competitive rates.