Zero To Landfill

Zero To Landfill

‘Recycle’ : to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse

Waste Recycling in Essex

At Lunnon Waste all waste collected by our friendly drivers or waste received at our Waste Transfer Facility  is processed and treated at our in-house licensed waste transfer station.

Using mechanical sorting techniques we are able to segregate a large proportion of wastes for recycling and re-use.

Lunnon Waste now operates a zero to landfill policy with all residual non-recyclable waste being sent to energy recovery facilities for processing as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Given the high costs of waste disposal in the UK due to landfill tax (Presently at £91.35 per tonne April 2019) it is vital that waste is treated efficiently to remove the recyclable qualities and diversion from Landfill where possible.

Lunnon Waste can now demonstrate recycling and re-use percentages of 100%.

Diverting wastes from landfill not only enables waste management companies to offer a competitive value for money service but in turn benefits the Environment.

The Waste Hierarchy (Waste England and Wales Regulations 2011) places a greater emphasis on waste producers and disposers to recycle and re-use. You can be assured that at Lunnon Waste we follow best practice to ensure that these requirements are met.