New Holland’s Waste Handlers Take on New Challenge at Heatherland

New Holland Revolutionises Waste Handling at Heatherland

With such a strong emphasis on our environment; the waste handling and recycling industry has become even busier and businesses in this sector are looking for the right tools to deal with the increased volume of waste.

Michael Lunnon of Heatherland Limited known familiarly as Lunnon Waste was on a mission to do just that. When his two existing wheel loaders were due to be replaced, he began to search the market for machines capable of increasing productivity and efficiency at his Organics Recycling Facility in Essex. Like most shrewd businessmen, Mr Lunnon weighed up his options by looking at all the major competitors and eventually started the discussion with Andy Parnham, Sales Representative at Ernest Doe, the New Holland Construction Dealer.

Heatherland Limited specialises in Waste Management, Organics Recycling, Trade & Domestic Skip Hire and Bulk Waste Transfer & Haulage. Composting Facilities licensed for up to 75,000 tonnes of Green Waste per annum and a further 230,000 tonnes of Solid Non-Hazardous Mixed Biodegradable and Inert wastes per annum handled at the neighbouring transfer station.

Mr Lunnon was looking for performance, stability, fuel efficiency and a solution to his age-old problem of cooling his machines, making this a very definite requirement in his conversations with New Holland. After hearing what he was looking for Mr Parnham and Mr Richard McTurk, Business Manager at New Holland Construction, decided Mr Lunnon would be convinced that the New Holland machines were the right choice for his business by placing a W190B demonstrator machine on his site.

Press Release: NH-200907- WASTE AND RECYCLING

Date: November 2009 For Immediate Release

New Holland’s Waste Handling machinery following a forceful workout, the W190B was used to stockpile the Green Waste material and rehandle the finished product in record cycle times – it had been power tested! Michael Lunnon was so impressed with the New Holland that he placed an order for two machines, the W190B and the smaller W170B. “They are both robust and efficient machines which are very stable and extremely capable at stockpiling our compost at height,” said Mr Lunnon. “The advanced cooling system has been designed for these conditions in mind. With our old machines the compost used to block the engine and air conditioning radiators due to the in-line design of the cooling system preventing easy maintenance. This was a regular headache for us causing significant downtime. The interior cab design provides a great comfortable working environment and also gives the operators excellent visibility of the working area. The machines have been working on the site for a few weeks and I can already see an increase in productivity from the machines and our operators.”

Richard McTurk said, “The cooling system is a real innovation and it is exclusive to New Holland. All of the cooling is done in a large cube behind the cab, this is positioned where the air is at its cleanest to reduce the amount of contaminated air passing through it. The benefit is less material and dust collected and the powerful reversing fan blows out what is there automatically at regular intervals. The reason why these machines are so stable is, in part due to the longer wheelbase and the lower centre of gravity, this is done by mounting the engine lower and further to the rear of the frame.

New Holland’s Management team Michael Lunnon (centre) takes delivery of a W190B and W170B from Richard McTurk (left) and Andy Parnham (far right)

New Holland now offers a specialist range of waste handlers; these can be equipped with high-reach loader arms, additional guarding and protection for the cab, cylinders and other key components.

A clever drop-down belly plate is controlled electronically and allows servicing to be carried out with ease.

The engine can be electronically controlled to give three work modes depending on the application, Maximum, Standard and Economy alters the engine power and also influences the fuel consumption.

The Space Lab cab size has been increased by 13% the high-tech dashboard enables easy functional checks from every position and allows for excellent manoeuvrability. The glass surrounding the cab has also been enhanced to provide 360º visibility.

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