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What is a Roll On Roll Off Skip?

A roll on roll off skip, often abbreviated as RORO, is an extremely large waste container that can be smoothly rolled onto and off a flatbed transport truck. Unlike traditional builders’ skips that need lifting, RORO skips are placed with ease and can be much bigger, capable of handling substantial waste material safely.

RORO skip hire stands out as a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice compared to hiring multiple skips. These giants are typically reserved for large-scale site clearances, such as massive construction or demolition projects, where there’s a substantial amount of bulky waste to be efficiently removed in a single load.

Roll-on-roll-off skip hire is typically reserved for massive site clearances on commercial and industrial sites, like those involving substantial quantities of bulky construction or demolition waste. RORO containers can handle both light waste and large, bulky materials.

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RORO containers are available in the following sizes

We provide two sizes of containers 20 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards with both sizes accommodating mixed general waste. For solely inert wastes due to weight restrictions, the 20 cubic yard container is only available.

20 Yard RORO

40 Yard RORO

  • Waste we accept
  • Waste that's additional cost
  • Waste we decline
Organic waste collection


We accept naked wood as well as treated or painted wood.

Glass waste collection Essex


We accept glass in the form of sheets or window frames. Laminated glass is billed separately based on tonnage.

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We accept fabric, a frequent material to get rid of while cleaning out a shop.

Metal waste collection essex


Copper, aluminium, and iron are among the metals we accept.

Industrial waste collection


Dry concrete that has been suitably broken up is acceptable for hand loading.

Paper waste collection Essex


Paper that is typically thrown away during workplace cleanouts is acceptable to us.

Waste collection and disposal Essex


We take tiles, a common waste product used by roofers.

Residential waste collection essex


We accept soil, a popular waste product used by landscape gardeners.

Industrial waste collection essex


We accept plastics, which are frequently discarded during store clearances.

“We will allow 10% of the following waste types in a general waste skip.  Larger quantities will be priced on a transport and tonnage basis, please advise the team at the point of order if your waste types include the following”

Legal requirements for waste management

Carpet, Underlay and Vinyl Flooring

Skip hire waste management

Rubber & Artificial Surfacing

same day skip hire and removal


commercial electrical waste disposal

Metal and Wood Flooring

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garden waste skip hire near me

Felt & Bitumous Roofing Products

commercial waste management services

Wet Waste

“Please advise the team if your waste includes any of the following POPS Waste items, new legislation dictates how this type of waste is processed and extra charges may apply”

Sofas and Sofa Beds

20 yard skip hire near me


total waste management services

Stools and Footstools

Commercial waste containers

Kitchen and Dining Room Chairs

garden waste skip hire near me

Home office chairs

Skip hire for household waste

Bean Bags, Sofa Cushions

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“Please advise the team if your waste contains mattresses as extra charges will apply”

Sustainable waste management practices

Chemicals & Liquid

Due to issues with spillage during transit and difficulties segregating liquids in our transfer station, we are unable to accept chemical and liquid waste.

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Even in sealed containers, we are not allowed to take any kind of oil. To dispose of oil in a secure and hygienic manner, take it to your neighbourhood recycling centre.

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Human waste cannot be disposed of through Lunnon Waste, including septic tanks, chemical toilets, medical waste, radioactive waste, and empty hazardous material containers.

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Animal Product

Due to the contamination and unique regulations needed to dispose of animal products securely, our drivers are not permitted to transport any animal products.

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Food Waste

As food requires a special licence and disposal restrictions, we are unable to accept it. You should dispose of food waste with your regular waste collection service.

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Asbestos is not at all acceptable to us. This is a hazardous substance that needs to be removed by an expert firm that deals with asbestos.

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Tree Trunks

There is a restriction on the diameter, yet we can take some tree trunks. For further information, please contact our team.

skip hire locally in Essex collecting 2 yard skip hire near me for waste skip sizes from a Skip bin hire Essex

You can be assured that Lunnon Waste are...

Established for over 40 years in Waste Management

Fully Licensed by the Environment Agency

Fully insured

Compliant with Duty of care regulations & Waste legislation

Compliant with the ULEZ emission regulations

Environmentally conscious and following the recycle and re-use ethos.

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