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Every year hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste is illegally dumped around the UK. Aside from the massive cost to the taxpayers to have this cleared up, it is a massive environmental problem polluting our environment and causing hazards to health.

The law states that it is your responsibility as the waste producer to ensure the company collecting your waste is registered as a licenced Waste Carrier and that the waste is taken to a site licenced to take it. If you ignore this responsibility and use a company that is not properly licenced and your waste ends up where it shouldn’t, you could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for £400.

Lunnon Waste hold the appropriate Waste Carriers and Management Licences, operates in-house Waste Transfer facilities licensed by the Environment Agency and is fully insured with £10,000,000 public liability insurance cover.

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When using our services you can be sure of the following:

  • We are fully licenced
  • The waste you produce is taken away by a fully licenced company
  • The waste you produce is taken to a fully licenced site
  • Your waste will not be illegally dumped or burned
  • The Duty of Care and Waste Regulations will be complied with
  • Best practice will be followed to ensure your waste is treated, processed, recycled and re-used where possible to minimise Environmental impact
  • Our fleet of collection vehicles are compliant with the London Emission regulations

What is Waste Crime?

Waste crime is the deliberate breaking of the law by people who don’t manage, transport and dispose of waste correctly.

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In House Waste Transfer Facilities

All skip hire services provided within Essex & surrounding areas are operated from our Licensed Waste Transfer Facility which provides in-house treatment and transfer for all wastes collected. Through significant investment in recycling technologies, we recycle 100% of all wastes collected for reuse. We are also able to provide detailed analysis of skip hire collections which include tonnage recycling data geared towards the requirements of our commercial clients.

Councils handed power to fine householders over fly-tipping

Councils can issue penalties of up to £400 to householders who fail to check that they have passed their waste to a registered carrier, under new powers which came into force.

The measure is intended to toughen the laws around waste disposal to prevent illegal dumping of material from households, by making it easy for councils to take action against those who have failed to ensure that their waste is handled responsibly.

Councils now have the power to issue penalties to householders who fail to check that their waste has been collected by a registered carrier
However, Defra has said that the FPNs should only be applied to the “small minority who cause genuine harm to the local environment.”

Householders already have a duty of care to ensure their waste is passed to a licensed carrier. But, under previous rules, the only option for local authorities to address wrongful behaviour was to take offenders to court – a time-consuming and costly process.

Defra says the changes coming into effect this week will provide an ‘alternative to prosecution’.
Householders can check if a waste supplier is registered and properly licensed to handle material by checking the Environment Agency’s database.

Individuals could be liable for an FPN if fly-tipped waste can be traced back to anyone who is found to have failed to take reasonable steps to ensure waste has been handed to an authorised person.


Defra has advised councils that offenders should be given a default penalty of £200 and a maximum penalty of up to £400.

To coincide with the changes, the government has also issued guidance to ensure councils use these new powers “proportionately”, which makes clear penalties should not be used as a means of raising money and should not be issued for minor breaches.

In its guidance, Defra states that FPNs should not be given ‘where prosecution through the courts is more appropriate’ – giving examples of: “the deliberate transfer of waste to an unauthorised person in the knowledge that it would be fly-tipped, or when someone is a persistent offender with a record of not paying fixed penalties for environmental offences.”

The proportionate use of fixed penalty notices for householders who have failed in their ‘duty of care’ is a significant measure which should have a real impact by raising awareness of this important responsibility amongst householders.

“Government guidance suggests that householders can largely fulfil their duty of care by checking that the person taking their waste away is a ‘registered carrier’. So it is also encouraging that the government’s recently published Resources and Waste Strategy has recognised the need to reform the carriers, brokers, dealers regime so that householders can have confidence that the registered carrier they use will act responsibly.”

You can be assured that Lunnon Waste are...

Established for over 40 years in Waste Management

Fully Licensed by the Environment Agency

Fully insured

Compliant with Duty of care regulations & Waste legislation

Compliant with the ULEZ emission regulations

Environmentally conscious and following the recycle and re-use ethos.

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