Zero to Landfill

‘Recycle’ : to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse

Why Zero to Landfill?

Environmental responsibility is becoming an increasingly significant consideration for many businesses and their customers, leading to businesses committing to various eco-friendly initiatives that are fundamental to their operations.

Landfill involves the disposal of waste in a designated area, followed by burial. In this process, there is no expectation of managing or retrieving the waste once it’s buried. While it should naturally decompose over time, this isn’t guaranteed, as many materials can take thousands of years to break down.

Unfortunately, this practice can result in toxic pollution of both our land and waterways, along with the uncontrolled release of harmful greenhouse gases.

The issue lies in its negative impact on space usage, the degradation of the natural environment, and its lack of ethical and responsible waste management. It is also a waste of reusable resources that could otherwise be repurposed into reusable products, thereby reducing the need for new materials in manufacturing.

On the contrary, the Zero to Landfill approach is a commitment to handling waste through more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. This shift aims to ensure that materials follow a circular lifecycle, rather than the linear model. Not only does this enhance a business’s environmental credentials, but it also contributes to the development of a circular economy and prevents waste from ending up in landfill sites.

How Can Lunnon Waste Help?

At Lunnon Waste all waste collected by our friendly drivers or waste received at our Waste Transfer Facility is processed and treated at our in-house licensed waste transfer station.

Using mechanical sorting techniques we can segregate a large proportion of wastes for recycling and re-use.

We now operate a zero waste to landfill policy with all residual waste (non-recyclable) being sent to energy recovery facilities for processing as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). For example, anaerobic digestion can transform food waste into energy, and biomass can be derived from other natural materials like wood.

Given the high costs of waste disposal in the UK due to landfill tax (Presently at £98.60 per tonne April 2022) it is vital that waste is treated efficiently to remove the recyclable qualities and diversion from landfill where possible.

Lunnon Waste can now demonstrate recycling and re-use percentages of 100% and our waste management experts will make sure to understand your waste streams to provide you with the best possible solution for your waste. We are committed to ensuring that as much waste as possible is reused, recycled or recovered and we guarantee that absolutely none of the waste we collect will end its life in a landfill site.

Diverting waste from landfills not only enables waste management companies to offer a competitive value for money service but in turn benefits the Environment.

The Waste Hierarchy (Waste England and Wales Regulations 2011) places a greater emphasis on waste producers and disposers to recycle and reuse. You can be assured that at Lunnon Waste we follow best practices to ensure that these requirements are met.

You can be assured that Lunnon Waste are...

Established for over 40 years in Waste Management

Fully Licensed by the Environment Agency

Fully insured

Compliant with Duty of care regulations & Waste legislation

Compliant with the ULEZ emission regulations

Environmentally conscious and following the recycle and re-use ethos.

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